Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Local Church Puts Offering Envelopes to Work

The United Methodist Church, Canfield, OH has been a customer of AmericanChurch, Inc, since 1998. They use the Envelope Mail Plan and also purchase several offering envelopes to address special fund needs.

Larry Horock from The United Methodist Church, Canfield, OH uses Special Fund offering envelopes from AmericanChurch, Inc. (ACI) to their fullest potential, and even created his own design to help feed the hungry.

Several months ago, ACI developed the "In Memory Of" envelope (on Larry's suggestion) that allows members to give to the church in memory of a deceased loved one. Larry doesn't limit the use of the envelope for funeral services. He set up a "Memorial Fund Box" in an area of the church with envelopes on hand for people to use to commemorate their loved ones on Anniversaries, Birthdays or other times.

The new offering envelope and box have added thousands of dollars in church contributions.

To help secure needed funds for church improvements, Larry sets up a "Wish List" of church needs in the Spring and Fall. The "Improvement Funds Envelope" is inserted into members' mailed offering envelope sets during these times, and also distributed in the pews of the church.

This strategy works well for the church, as needs are communicated and the means of support are easily available to use during the Spring and Fall. Since including the "Improvement Funds Envelope" into mailed offering envelope sets, contributions have increased by thirty percent.

What about the special envelope to help the hungry? That's the "Chicken Challenge" campaign where area churches come together to put a "chicken in every pot". The custom offering envelope that Larry designed consistently brings in needed money for area food banks.

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